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Have you ever actually thought, before you said, "I need essay help," what actually constitutes as a great custom essay? Before you rush into ordering your essay from just about any of the hundreds of companies online, think about it. Can everyone deliver high-quality, authentic, affordable essays that properly style, format and cite all the sources and get you the highest grades? The fact is they can"t, but this is exactly what a good custom essay should consist of.

We are determined to maintain our standards by hiring a college essay helper that"s going to know how to create original, well-researched essays, which is why we are the one company that gets the job done right. If you"re still having second-thoughts, let"s get a little bit more in depth about how we work and why we have such a good reputation behind us.

Easy Order Process

We"re all about custom essay writing, so we didn"t want to create an ordering system that"s going to slow us down and stop us from taking on as many academic assignments as we would like to. But before you click the order button, here"s what you should know about the order and writing process.

  • Order the essay by filling out a short form, that"s going to ask you about your basic personal information and details about the order you"re placing.
  • Before you buy custom essays, it"s custom to provide credit card information or information about your PayPal account, so we can finalize the payment. But don"t worry, if you"re not happy with our work later on, you will get refunded.
  • After this step, our custom essay company makes sure you"re assigned with an expert writer that has all the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle your task.
  • After the paper has been written, editing and proofreading takes place. If everything is alright, the paper is then sent to you via email.
  • Any revisions are done after this, if necessary. This is completely optional and up to you.

Our Mission

We take pride in being a premium custom essay writing service unlike any other. Our mission is different from the rest. We don"t thrive if you order custom essay every day, thousands of times. It"s not about the quantity it"s about the quality. Numbers aren"t important. We"re one of the best service because our mission is to help out students that lack the knowledge or skills and do it in the right way. We don"t take on more than we can handle, but we do always try to accommodate every student. We"re focused on top-quality and less on how many clients we have, which is exactly what makes us unique.

Additional Support

When you order custom essay from us, you don"t get just the expert writer, editor and proofreader. You also get an entire team of custom service representatives that are going to be there for you day and night, in case you have any questions or fears. You might not know how to buy custom essay papers, but our representatives can help you with that. You might want an update on the progress of your order. We can help with that too. It"s this team of representatives that give our entire company the good word-of-mouth. They make sure our clients are satisfied and taken care of at all times.


The first time you order custom essay from us, you"ll be surprised with our flexibility. We love writing essay for students because it"s a very creative task and our writers love it. But, as they get invested in providing the best essay possible, it may not always meet the deadline.

In order to avoid frustration, we recommend you buy custom essay from us on time, so that our writers and researchers actually have the time to create a good essay that"s worthy of a good grade. We won"t lie and tell you that we"ll finish ahead of deadline. But we also never give up on our clients and we will continue working until all issues and problems have been resolved and you get the paper that you actually like.

A Large Variety

Not only do we have a team that can provide MBA essay help, but we have a research team that"s ready to find even the tiniest details you need. We will search all libraries and search engines possible to retrieve the information we need for your task. And not only do we have a team that"s very skillful, we also tackle a large variety of assignments that are not strictly custom essays.

If you ask us, "Write my college essay,", we"ll do that, but we"re also ready to give you academic advice and help you with other types of assignments you might have.

Special Offers

Another great feature that you might like when you order custom essay, you get special offers and discounts. First time orders get 15% off, while regular clients who keep coming back to use our services get additional discounts of 5, 10 or 15% based on their order amount. The more you order, the more you will get rewarded for your loyalty.

In addition to being affordable, you get free revision within 30 days, which is a period 15 times longer than most companies give. If you have any questions about our services, discounts, offers, and how to achieve them you can always visit our discount page, or contact one of our diligent custom representatives. They will give you all the details on how exactly you can become our premium client and reap all the benefits, besides getting brilliant essays.

If you"re not happy with the results, or we don"t meet your deadline you can ask to get your money back. This rarely happens, and if it does it"s mostly in occasion when you fail to order in time. However, we wanted to be fair to all of our future and present clients and give them a chance to invest their money in the service of their choice, that actually caters to their needs and desires. Which is why we have the money back guarantee.

We know it"s difficult to trust every service that appears online. Everyone claims to be the best, but the truth is, the best doesn"t always mean best writing. We focus on quality, by having a team of passionate and dedicated individuals in every sector. We treat every client like family, and focus on quality no matter how much time it takes. No pressure, no frustration, but the end result is always going to be outstanding.

Why us?

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